Philips norelco 9900 pro shaver reviews

Philips norelco 9900 pro shaver reviews for you in 2021

The Philips Norelco 9900 pro shaver reviews Shave 180-1515 offers all the great features with a bow-wow cheap price $ which is a deal. It owns several features, including Pro, Model, Philips Shaver, and ISBN.

Philips norelco 9900 pro shaver reviews

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Philips Norelco 9900 pro shaver reviews

About this product

Product Identifiers
GTIN                                              0075020088642
UPC                                               0075020088642
Model                                            Philips Series 9000
eBay Product ID (ePID)                  9034968258

Product Key Features
Power Source                                  Battery
Body Area                                        Back, Face, Body
Head Type                                        Trimmer
Number of Heads                             3
Color                                                 Black
Type                                                  Multi-Function Shaver


  • 60 minutes of cordless shaving after one hour of charge
  • 3-speed settings
  • Click-on Beard Styler with 5 Length Settings
  • travel case included


Better closeness even on a 3-day beard

Philips Norelco 9900 pro shaver reviews are the ultimate shaving experience. Its unique contour-detection technology, especially combined with the advanced V-Track Precise Blade Pro, creates an unbeatable close and comfortable shave regardless of length from 1 to 3 days of stubble.


  • A close and comfortable shave on a 1-3 day beard
  • 8-direction contour-following technology
  • 3 Personal Comfort Settings
  • shave wet or dry
  • Premium, digital motion-activated display
  • Li-ion battery, you will have up to 60 minutes of run time on a 1-hour charge.
  • Includes a spare set of V-Track Pro replacement heads
  • Includes Click-on Beard Styler with 5 Length Settings
  • Includes a convenient travel case


V-Track Precision Blade Pro Technology

V-Track Precision Blades Pro: From 1-to-3-day stubble, gently capture each hair in the optimal cutting position, regardless of length.

Heads move in 8 directions for extremely close results

ContourDetect Heads: Follow every curve in your face and neck with 8-directional ContourDetect technology.

Personalize your beard with a three-speed setting

PERSONAL COMFORT SETTINGS: Choose the speed setting that suits you best: Sensitive – for a gentle, yet thorough shave, Normal – for a thorough, everyday shave, or Fast – for a quick shave that suits your needs. saves time.

Get a Comfortable Dry or Fresh Wet Shave

Shave wet or dry: Get a convenient dry shave or even a more comfortable wet shave with gel or foam in the shower

Powerful Lithium-ion Battery

60 Minutes Cordless Shaving: With a powerful Li-ion battery, you’ll have up to 60 minutes of run time on a 1-hour charge. A 5-minute quick charge provides enough power for one shave. This shaver only works in cordless mode.

Premium Digital User Interface

Philips Norelco 9900 pro shaver reviews Premium interface fully displays battery power (100%-0%) with motion sensor activation. It also includes a cleaning indicator, battery low indicator, replacement head indicator, and travel lock indicator.

Click-on Beard Styler with 5 Length Settings

Change your look with the Click-On Beard Styler Attachment. Choose from 5 length settings to create anything from perfect stubble to short, neatly trimmed beards. The rounded tips and comb are designed to prevent skin irritation.

Includes extra shaving head

The second set of replacement V-Track Pro Blades (SH90) is included to keep your shaver shaving up close and comfortable!

travel case

Philips Norelco 9900 pro shaver reviews convenient and durable storage for your shaver. The Hard Travel Case is designed to store and protect your shaver at home or on the go.

Top 2 Philips Norelco Shaver Reviews

1. Philips Norelco 9700

Philips norelco 9900 pro shaver reviews

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This shaver has 3 shaving heads that work individually for intimate shaving. With this flexibility, you can get along the jawline and neck. To get a smooth surface for shaving you need to twist your neck and not hurt yourself. This will easily lead to the corners and sharp curves of your face.

Key features:

Contour Detection – Contour detection technology captures more hair with each pass. The blades do not leave a surface on the skin. Contour detection follows the angles and edges of the face in 8 directions, especially around the jaw. This leads to a smooth, intimate shave every time.

V-Track Precision Pro – Precision Blade captures each hair individually. The length of the straw being eaten is not considered. The blades will capture and cut without pain. The blades are self-sharpening, so you don’t have to replace the blades for too long.

SmartClick Cleansing Brush – When you jump into the shower with this shaver, you can get a deeper clean with the oil-control clean brush attachment. This is a one-minute deep cleansing that controls facial oil more than manual washing.

Norelco 9700

Digital Interface – One of the major advances in shaving models is the introduction of digital user interfaces. There is a travel lock indicator, battery level, cleaning indicator, and motion sensor displayed on the handle.

My impression

Personal custom settings allow you to set the speed of the shave. There is sensitivity to gentle shaving. It is normal to shave quickly, completely. The quick setting gives you a quick shave to save time.

There are many features that give you incredible benefits for your skin condition. When you are smooth and not bored, you will see your best. It would not take a barber or an expensive visit to a salon to get a smooth, clean shave.

It doesn’t take more than 20 minutes to get ready for your day. Take your wet/dry shaver to the shower and use your facial scrubber before or after shaving. A shaver has all the features you need for a great shaving experience.

What could be better than this?

The beard trimmer is a separate piece that needs to be attached.

2. Philips Norelco S9311-84, Shaver 9300

Philips norelco 9900 pro shaver reviews

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The 9300 is one of the latest Philips models. It has advanced technology based on customer feedback. For that reason, it is one of the best shavers of a very popular brand. For the 9300, they probably thought of everything they might need for a hair shave.

Key features:

Comfort Settings – The Norelco 9300 comes with more functions and personalized systems than the previous generation. This shaver has 3 comfort settings. There are slow, medium, and fast settings. Slow-motion for their sensitive skin. The medium gives more book shave. Fast speed for a strong shave.

Aquatech Technology – Aquatech technology allows you to take the shaver with you to the shower. You can also use gels, foams, and water for intimate shaving which does not irritate the skin which is why you may need water and shaving cream depending on your skin. It can be dry and you don’t want to risk burning a razor.

Contouring system – The contouring system gives you a thick shave without losing contact with the skin. There are 3 heads that rotate independently in 8 directions. The head will never lose contact with the skin. You do not have to go to the same area more than once.

Philips Norelco S931187

LED Display – LED display will alert you when the battery is low. You don’t have to guess how long it will take before you put it in the charging station. This is great for days when you are running and have to shave in the car while working or on the way to the meeting.

My impression

The 9300 Norelco Shaver has the ability to shave a variety of skin types on your own face. Your cheeks may be a little rough but the skin under your neck may be sensitive. Extra care is needed in areas where you can get nicks, cuts, or stitches. Which can be done with the same shaver without changing the blade or settings.

The combination cleaning and charging system take away any associated tasks. You don’t have to worry about cleaning the shaver. Just fix it and turn it on.

Once the shaving cream and hair are clean, it will dry on its own before charging. Everything happens on its own. A shaver will be ready for you the next time you want to use it.

What could be better than this?

The drying cycle takes some time.

The latest thought

A Nareloco shaver has all the features you would probably need for a perfect shave. You always want to look your best These shavers can deliver it for you. It doesn’t take a ton of time to get a smooth look.

Shaver’s are meant to appeal to a large number of customers. The company has listened to the opinions of its customers. They also provide a great shave for your soft hair or thickening. You can’t go wrong with Phillips Narelko Shaver in your life.

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