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The best Nuface Trinity Pro Reviews in 2021. If you are one of those who enjoy skincare routines and professional facials, then you will definitely enjoy the NuFace Trinity Facial Device. For someone who has an unlimited amount of beauty tools and who strives for better and better tools for beauty and skincare, these toning tools are perfect to use.

The toning device is not only undeniably satisfying but it will also give your skin a rest. According to my experience having done a handful of professional facials, I can definitely say that I was pleasantly surprised.

Whether you have combination skin or oily skin, Nuface Trinity Facial Toning Devices will provide you with everything you need. Why don’t you check out some of the best Nuface Fix Toning Device reviews? This will give you a better idea of which option to buy from the Nuface series.


  • NufaceTrinity, Pro and Mini Facial Toning Product Review 2021
  • Nuface Trinity
  • Nuface Trinity Pro
  • Nuface Mini
  • Nuface Fix Facial Trainer Train
  • Nuface Fix Limited Edition
  • Nuface Gel Primer Prime
  • Nuface Trinity vs Pro
  • power difference
  • difference in warranty
  • no difference in price
  • Nuface Pro vs Mini
  • Nuface Experience Before and After
  • before
  • after
  • Was it easy to use?
  • result
  • What is Microcurrent Facial?
  • Are There Any Benefits to Using Microcurrent Facials?
  • How to use the Nuface facial device?
  • Conclusion

Below we have the 6 best products from the Nuface series. Check them out now!

Nuface Trinity

Best Value Newface Facial Trainer

Nuface Trinity Pro Reviews

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This is a premium quality facial trainer available at an affordable price. This is the regular facial trainer that comes with a charging dock and comes with a facial toning gel that you must apply before using the facial trainer.

Although it can be a bit tricky to use it under the eyes, it is definitely great to use on the cheekbones and over the eyebrows. This microcurrent attachment is not included in the regular facial trainer. Nuface Trinity Pro Reviews.

It is a simple hydrating and toning device that will smooth your skin and relax your face. Not only is it easy to use, but it also has no side effects.

key features
  • no attachments included
  • It comes with a gel primer.
  • Stimulates collagen and plumps up your face
  • quick results
  • Results visible in 2 months
  • easy and simple to use
  • Helps in Anti-aging
  • Primer gel is not recommended by most people.

Nuface Trinity Pro

Best Overall NewFace Facial Trainer

Nuface Trinity Pro Reviews

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The next one is another high-quality option, but a bit more advanced than a regular facial trainer. It operates on a power of 400 microamperes. Plus, it comes with an additional attachment for microcurrent.

Microcurrent can help lift your face and smooth your skin. Apart from this, it also comes with a wrinkle-reducing attachment. You will also get a facial primer with the package.

You can use it on your face and your lips and also under your eyes. It is the perfect remedy for anti-aging and reducing wrinkles. In addition, it relaxes and rejuvenates your skin with the stimulation of collagen. Nuface Trinity Pro Reviews is the best you will come across.

key features
  • 5 minute facial for visible results
  • glowing and smooth skin
  • Microcurrent attachment available for skin lifting
  • it cures laugh lines
  • It definitely helps with sagging cheeks and lips.
  • Quick results in easy adjustment of intensity
  • The device may have a charging problem.

Nuface Mini

most economical option

Nuface Trinity Pro Reviews

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The NuFace Mini is one of the best facial trainers out there for toned skin, but it’s too small. The travel-friendly size and easy-to-use reduce wrinkles like any other official trainer in the series. Nuface Trinity Pro Reviews.

But the good thing is that it is much more economical and works on the same power as a regular facial trainer which is 335 microamperes. Also, it comes with a facial gel that you can use before using the trainer on the face.

key features
  • Apply Gel Glide on the device and see the difference
  • Operates on a total electric current of 335 microamperes
  • To help you enhance your alluring beauty and your face
  • Travel friendly and easy to use
  • super relaxing
  • Affordable and easy to use
  • Visible difference in few weeks
  • Some customers received a mild electric shock.

Nuface Fix Facial Trainer Train

Best Travel-Friendly Option

Nuface Trinity Pro Reviews

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The Nuface Fix Facial Trainer is comparatively different than the other official trainers in the list above. It is small in size and has a small size easy-to-carry cylindrical face trainer that is specially used for small areas.

You can easily use it under the eyes ad above the lips. It works really great for your eyes and especially for hooded eyes. For your laugh lines, this might be the best option to use. There is also a 1-year warranty and a micro USB charging cable is also available for quick charging.

It comes with a facial primer that you must use before using the facial trainer. Don’t forget to check the user manual to understand how the facial trainer works.

key features
  • Micro USB Charging Cable Available
  • one year warranty
  • User manual included
  • Use especially for hooded eyes and for laugh lines.
  • Travel friendly and can be used anywhere
  • Acts quickly and helps in visible results in no time
  • perfect for hooded eyes
  • Some customers complained that it stops working after a few uses.

Nuface Fix Limited Edition

Nuface Trinity Pro Reviews

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The NuFace Fix Limited Edition is just like what you’ve seen before. The only difference is the color which makes it more feminine. The blush pink color is very eye-catching, and it is from the Wanderlust collection which makes it the perfect choice to carry in your purse every now and then.

Not only will you enjoy using it, but it can be the perfect gift for anyone. It comes with complete packaging with one year warranty. It does not contain any parabens or sulfates. You’ll also find a micro-charging cable as well as a cleansing cloth and mist to clean your face.

key features
  • Warranty is available for one year
  • It does not contain any parabens or sulfates.
  • Cleaning cloth available with customizable gauze
  • Micro USB cable is available for easy and quick charging
  • fast charging
  • looks absolutely amazing
  • Get rid of puffy eyes easily
  • The quantity of gel primer is very limited.

Nuface Gel Primer Prime

Nuface Trinity Pro Reviews

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By now you must have noticed that this NuFace Gel Primer is available in a package with other facial trainers. But guess what, you can even buy it separately. This is an incredibly great and super affordable facial primer that you can use after cleansing your face before using the facial trainer.

It is a high-quality facial primer that hydrates the skin and stimulates the skin for better collagen production. The formula contains no sulfates or parabens, and it lathers even if you have dry skin.

For better microcurrent activity on your skin, it is important to use this facial gel before using the facial trainer on your face. Nuface Trinity Pro Reviews.

key features

  • brightens the skin
  • Contains no parabens and sulfates


  • hydrates the skin
  • cheap
  • Beware of Allergies and Rashes

Nuface Trinity Pro Reviews

Nuface Trinity vs Pro

Whenever you are looking for the difference between Nuface Trinity Series, the first thing that will come up is the Nuface Trinity vs Pro Toning device. Let’s talk about how one is better than the other. Check out our review and the differences between these two options below.

power difference

The Nuface Trinity Pro device is relatively more powerful than the regular device. This Pro device has 400 microamperes, while the regular option is only meant to deliver 335 microamperes. For better functioning and for skin or for better tightening, the tool with more power is definitely the one. And you know which option has more power than the Nuface Trinity Pro Reviews.

difference in warranty

Again there is a difference between a regular toning option and a pro toning device’s warranty. The regular option carries a warranty of only one year, while the Pro option carries a warranty of up to two years.

no difference in price

Actually, there will be no difference in the price of these two models but there is definitely a difference in features and quality. Don’t you think it is a better option to consider the NuFace Trinity Pro alternative as it is more powerful and has a relatively longer warranty? Also, most people who have used both the devices consider Nuface Trinity Pro to be a better option.

Nuface Pro vs Mini

Nuface Trinity Pro vs. Mini for other options worth discussing. There is no big difference except size and versatility. But the Nuface Trinity Pro still wins over the Nuface Mini alternative because of the power.

The power of the Pro option is around 400 microamperes, while for the mini option, it is still the same as the regular toning device which is 335 microamperes.

However, people consider the Newface Mini to be comparatively more flexible and versatile. It can be used with a number of different attachments that can be further applied under the eyes and on other delicate areas.

However, if you are looking for a strong and robust toning device, you know that the Pro is a good option to consider. And the good thing is that both of them provide amazing results. We would definitely say that it is not publicized for the wrong reasons. These turning devices will give you the youthful glow and new look you crave.

Nuface Experience Before and After


You may have heard incredible reviews about Nuface Trinity Toning Tools. Are you curious to know if it actually works? let’s find out.

As per our experience, it is a small handheld device that ensures a fresh look. Also, it claims to contour your skin. But does it really serve the purpose?

Let us start with the experience that we had. This small device is a microcurrent device that is used to stimulate the tissues of your face. If you are using a regular device, it uses a current of 335 microamperes as the Pro option uses a current of 400 amps.

People who have visible pores and loose skin will benefit from the use of this tool. Your puffy eyes can also be dealt with by this toning device. But after using Nuface Trinity, you will definitely see changes over time.


After a few weeks of using this tool, you will see a visible change in your skin. It will tighten your skin and lift your skin too. As per my expectations, it was up to the mark. Visible shrinkage of the poles and skin is the main attraction. Your skin will feel much smoother, and your eyes will be less puffy. For people who have hooded eyes, it can also help. And the laugh lines and wrinkles will fade after a few uses of Nuface Trinity.

Was it easy to use?

Well, yes, of course, it was very simple and easy to use. However, you will need a special gel that will not only pamper your skin even more but will also help to smooth out your skin.

You can use it at any time of the day, but it is better to use it in the morning or at night before sleeping. The good thing is that it does not cause any kind of pain or side effects on your skin or body.

Even though you need to put in a little more effort and commit to using it every day, you will only see a visible difference. Every day you should use it for at least five minutes so that you can see some obvious difference in 60 days or less.


Results may also vary from person to person and the effort put into using the toning device. If you are doing this as a commitment and using it for at least 5 minutes every day, you will see some obvious difference of fading wrinkles and shrinking of skin pores. It will also tighten your skin and help you with hooded eyes. Raising eyebrows was something I noticed.

What is Microcurrent Facial?

The Nuface Facial Toning Device uses microcurrent technology; Therefore, it is important for you to know what exactly is a microcrack facial. Let’s talk about what it is and how it affects your skin.

The basic idea behind microcurrent facials is low voltage electricity used on your skin to stimulate your facial muscles. For those who do not want to go to the gym to lift their face and remove excess fat from the face, this microcurrent facial helps.

This will give a defined look to your face to help with the development better college.

Are There Any Benefits to Using Microcurrent Facials?

Yes, there are many benefits of using microcurrent facials. You can have it at home, or you can even go for a professional microcrack facial. Even if you are going for professional facials or using Nuface Trinity facial device at home, you will get many benefits that you must be aware of.

This microcurrent facial is good enough to give you fairer and smoother skin. You will have redefined skin which will also enhance your features and lift up your face. No more hooded eyes and wrinkled laugh lines for you.

This facial will help in shrinking the pores and will also help in anti-aging. The good thing is that it is absolutely painless, and you will start getting results within minutes. Great isn’t it?

How to use Nufes facial device?

You must be wondering how to use Nufes Trinity. There is no rocket science in using the facial device. It’s easy and doesn’t require much effort, but it does require some commitment.

1. Initially, you can start using facial toner five times over the first two months. Want to see the visible difference in the first two months? You can actually produce users for up to 3 days. But how do you use the product? Find out.

2. Charge Nufes Facial Trainer and clean your face from any makeup. You must apply toner to the skin before using the facial trainer.

3. When it is finished, you can start using it on cheek knitting. Start from the first edge and glide to the corner of your cheek until the device makes a beep sound. You can continue doing the same thing with the other two physicians and then go back to one position and continue the procedure twice.

4. Once a cheekbone is formed, you can go up from the eyebrow and then continue the process three times by dividing it into three parts. The same process will be done on the other side of your face.

5. If you continue this regularly for two months, you will notice some visible differences. Be sure to continue with the usual skincare routine after washing and facializing the face.

Nuface Trinity Pro Reviews


Now that you have all the information about the Nuffes Trinity, you can finally decide which of the Nuffes series you want. We’ve discussed reviews about some of the famous Pro and Mini Facial Trainers.

Make sure which one works best for you and also check out other options Make It is also important that you learn to use a face trainer before finally buying it. Just make sure you learn about all the features and benefits you will get with this facial trainer.

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