drybar buttercup blow dryer reviews

The best drybar buttercup blow dryer reviews in 2021

If you haven’t heard of drybar buttercup blow dryer reviews, look it up on Amazon and you’ll see how it got its name. It is having a bright yellow color design which instantly gives it a fun and sleek vibe.

With this in mind, their blow dryer must be of fairly high quality, as that’s what their specialty is. Plus, Buttercup is the dryer that Drybar stylists use on the back of a chair, so theoretically, it’s going to be pretty amazing if it’s used for blowouts throughout the day.

Let’s see what we can discover about Buttercup……

drybar buttercup blow dryer reviews

drybar buttercup blow dryer reviews

First, buttercream is available through many retailers. While some may consider this an expensive dryer, the idea is that you can recreate a Drybar blowout at home using a buttercream dryer. (The Drybar also offers matching bright yellow clips and round brushes to aid in this effort.)

So does buttercream really work at home the same way it does in Drybar Stylist’s Magic Fingers? Most user feedback says a resounding yes!

Dry time is dramatically reduced, and hair is healthier, smoother, less frizzy, and more voluminous. The Buttercup has three temp settings and two speeds, with a locking cool-shot button. how cool is that? (ha.)

seriously though; How many times have you had a cramp in your finger from pressing the cool-shot button? This is a problem. Drybar with Buttercup solved it for you

Powered by Bio-Ionic, Buttercup features the same nano-ionic mineral technology characteristic of all Bio-Ionic’s dryers, so hair dries so much faster and smoother. Bio-Ionic is a bestselling brand known for its quiet, quick-drying motors; Which are also responsible for its lightweight and professional quality.

And if you haven’t heard of Drybar, well… it’s a California-based multistate salon chain that only focuses on blowouts. They don’t cut, color, perm, or do anything else—just wash, blow-dry, and style as you wish.

Plus, the Buttercup has a nine-foot rope, which makes it easy to handle (for those both at the salon and at home). Because whoever said an instrument cord was too long? In general, they never last long, so that’s a nice bonus. (Editor’s note: I have this dryer and I think it’s closer to 8 feet!)

drybar buttercup blow dryer reviews come with two concentrator nozzles for an at-home blowout boost—one for quick drying on large areas and one for smaller areas, like bangs.

In addition to all these benefits, the Buttercup weighs a pound and an ounce, which is a great thing for wristwatches across America.

Think about it: If a stylist at Drybar is using the dryer all day every day, doesn’t it need to be as light as it can be? This is good news even if you only do a home blowout two or three times a week.

Even better if you do it every day! Let’s face it, blow-drying your own hair is awkward and much less easy than blow-drying another person’s hair. So anything that would make it easier is a definite bonus.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Drybar buttercup blow dryer reviews

Let’s get the “bad news” out of the way. And really, there aren’t too many cons to find, as Drybar has a lot of happy customers. They are:

• Cost
• Warranty
• Heating element problem

For some, the cost is a prohibitive issue. While $200 is a lot to spend on a blow dryer, the quick-drying speed and the fact that hair stays healthy and smooth balance it out. Buttercup comes with a one-year warranty, but after that, you’re on your own. (But Drybar’s website says it comes with a 2-year warranty..)

So if your heating element goes out, you’d better expect it to happen within the first year, so it’s covered. However, Buttercup is for the most part a fan favorite; Heating element problems are rare and an issue the company is working on.

The pros far outweigh the cons:

• Lightweight, the professional, designed for all-day use
• Dries hair much faster than other dryers
• Keeps hair healthy
• Adds volume and reduces frizz
• Seal cuticle, increasing shine
• Many temp settings
• Locking the cool-shot button
• Nanoionic technology breaks down water molecules to keep hair hydrated
• Powerful motor

The list could go on, but it has to come to an end at some point. With all of their features, Drybar buttercup blow dryer reviews (Amazon) seem to be a great option for at-home blowouts just as they do at the salon. And who doesn’t love to look and feel like they just stepped out of the salon?

Lightweight and fast-drying, the smoothing technology makes Buttercup well worth the investment. Looks like Drybar knows their stuff!

Drybar The Trace Press Straightening Iron, 1 Cart.

normal hair type
size 1″ width
brand Drybar
Material Titanium, Ceramic
Item Dimensions lxwxh 7.4 x 2.9 x 15.5 inches

drybar buttercup blow dryer reviews

download 9


It straightens out! It does curl! It lubricates! It shines! This dual-purpose iron allows you to quickly style even the thickest hair into super-sleek straight locks or add a bit of wave or curl.


Ionic technology reduces frizz for smooth, shiny hair while infrared technology heats hair from the inside out.

suggested use

The 1″ floating plaits straighten in a single pass and the rounded sides allow the hair to wrap easily for waves and curls.

drybar buttercup blow dryer reviews

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