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5 Best Braun Series 3 Replacement Head 32b Vs 32s

Braun Series 3 Replacement Head 32b Vs 32s. The Braun Series 3 line has long been a favorite among electric shaving enthusiasts.

Reasonable prices, decent performance, and cheap replacement parts, all backed by Braun’s notorious reliability, were key ingredients to the series’ success.

After several years of very strong sales, Braun decided to revamp its line of entry-level shavers.

The new Series 3 family includes several variations, with razors suitable for wet and dry or dry-only operation.

Let’s take a closer look at what they have to offer and then examine the most important differences between the various Series 3 models.

Braun Series 3 Replacement Head 32b Vs 32s

Braun 32b cassette

Series 3 300s

Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3040s

Braun Series 3 ProSkin 3000s

Braun BT32 Trimmer Head for Beards

Brown Series 3 Overview

Braun’s new Series 3 is a no-frills family of electric shavers aimed at budget-conscious buyers.

It has a simple 3-blade fixed shaving head. The 3 shaving elements are however independent and can move independently.

As with all modern Braun razors, the blade and foil are integrated into a single part called the cassette.

As we know from the older generation, these cassettes offer great value for money as they are cheap (at least when compared to similar shavers from Panasonic) and only need to be replaced once every 18 months.

They are also backward compatible with older Series 3s like the 340, 380, and so on.

The design of the current shaver is sleeker and more refined, but again, nothing too original. They are still instantly recognizable as Braun Series 3 razors.

Braun Series 3 differences

1. Brown Series 3

This is the basic Series 3 line, with models like the 310s (wet and dry) or 300s (dry only).

These are also the least expensive Series 3 variants, but come with a few drawbacks: there’s no slide-out hair trimmer, and the shavers are fitted with a small battery that only provides 20 minutes of cordless operation.

Only dry models (for example, 300s) will work while charging.

Basic Series 3 shavers also come with a different shaving head than Series 3 (part number 21b).

But you can use the revised shaving head (32b/32s) as it will fit just fine.

The 21b cassette is inferior to the 32b in my opinion; It’s not as comfortable or smooth and seems to require more strokes to get a clean shave.

Braun Series 3 Replacement Head 32b Vs 32s

2. Brown Series 3 Proskin

The ProSkin line is the more premium Series 3 and has features like a slide-out hair trimmer (certain models), a larger battery (45 minutes of use), better battery level indicator.

braun series 3 replacement head 32b vs 32s

braun series 3 replacement head 32b vs 32s


To differentiate the new razors from the older Series 3 line, Braun decided to use a simple, but effective naming scheme by simply adding a 0 after the 3. For example, the old Series 3 340s are now 3040s, and so on.

Proskin models are also available with a cleaning station – for example, the Series 3 Proskin 3050cc.

Performance-wise, the Proskin models aren’t much different from the basic, entry-level series.

They have a nicer design and better ergonomics, mainly in that textured rubberized sleeve.

The main difference is the shaving head (32s/32b) which has a revised hole pattern, supposedly to help grab hair more efficiently.

In practice, it feels more comfortable and handles long, flat-lying hair remarkably well.

Here is a table showing the main differences between the most popular Series 3 Proskin models.

Dry-only models will also work with a plugged-in cord, so if that’s important to you, you might as well choose one of these.

The wet and dry series can be operated cordless only as a safety precaution.

All Series 3 shavers (including dry-only models) are waterproof and can be rinsed under the tap for efficient cleaning.

Braun Series 3 Replacement Head 32b Vs 32s

3. Braun Series 3 Shave and Style

The Shave and Style models are essentially the same model as the Series 3 (300s) and Series 3 ProSkin (3010s and 3000s), but they also include a trimmer attachment and 5 combs.

As a result, you can swap out the shaving head and use a trimmer with a trimmer attachment to maintain a beard or even shave your head.

Two shave and style models are available, namely the 3010BT (wet and dry) and the 3000BT (dry).

As the name suggests, these are basically the Series 3 ProSkin 3010s and 3000s respectively but combined with the aforementioned accessories for hair/beard styling.

You can also purchase trimmer attachments and combs separately and use them with any Series 3 model. Set part number 32BT.

There is also a 300BT based on the basic Series 3 300, but I wouldn’t really consider it due to its smaller battery and 21b cassette.

Braun Series 3 Replacement Head 32b Vs 32s

Which Series 3 model should you buy?

This decision should really come down to two factors: your budget and your personal needs.

braun series 3 replacement head 32b vs 32s

braun series 3 replacement head 32b vs 32s

For example, the basic Series 3 should be very attractive due to its low price.

The small battery is a minus, especially for wet and dry models like the 310 that won’t work while charging.

Also, the entry-level Series 3 only has a low charge indicator, so it might surprise you when you least expect it.

There is a 5-minute quick charge feature that will provide enough charge to complete one shave.

Some users find the ability to use a shaver both cordless and corded to be a must, so if that’s the case, you should check out some dry-only models.

The Braun 300s is one of them and probably the cheapest Series 3 you can buy right now.

The 21b cassette is my main gripe with it, but as previously mentioned, you can actually upgrade to the better 32b/32s.

My personal pick would be the 3000 or 3040s from the Proskin line.

Braun Series 3 Replacement Head 32b Vs 32s

braun series 3 replacement head 32b vs 32s

braun series 3 replacement head 32b vs 32s

Big battery, nice design, good battery display indicator (some models), and slide-out trimmer (some models) are the main reasons.

You can usually get them for a lot more money than the 300 above.

For example, 3040s are often discounted and thus provide excellent value for money.

It is also fitted with a slide-out trimmer. And far from being cool, it’s still useful for some light dressing.

Alternatively, there is the Series 3 3010 which I reviewed here and which is essentially the same as the 3040, minus the slide-out trimmer.

However, if you can get it for significantly less money, I think it’s a solid option.

Finally, only dry Proskin 3000s can be used while charging, so again if this is a must for you, it can be purchased at a very reasonable price.

Again, there’s no trimmer present on this shaver, but that’s not a deal-breaker in my opinion.

So what about the CC Series 3 Proskin model that comes with a cleaning station?

Well, for an entry-level razor they are usually quite expensive, and to be honest, the shavers are quite easy to clean manually.

Braun Series 3 Replacement Head 32b Vs 32s

braun series 3 replacement head 32b vs 32s

braun series 3 replacement head 32b vs 32s

The station appears to be unchanged from the previous Series 3 generation and uses the same alcohol-based Braun CCR refill.

The Series 3 Proskin 3050cc is one of the models that include a cleaning base, and again, it looks like the pick above because it generally costs less than other similar models (3070cc, 3090cc).

As mentioned earlier, a very interesting addition to the Series 3 is the set of compatible accessories designed specifically for bearded men.

braun series 3 replacement head 32b vs 32s

braun series 3 replacement head 32b vs 32s

That’s right, we have a trimmer attachment that looks like a regular facial trimmer and can be used to trim the entire beard.

You simply take out the regular cassette and insert the trimmer in its place.

Also has 5 combs of different lengths (1 to 7 mm).

You can buy the trimmer attachment and comb separately and use it with your existing Series 3, or you can buy it as a package with the shaver (for example, the Braun Series 3 3010BT Shave & Style is one such model). Braun Series 3 Replacement Head 32b Vs 32s

Should you buy the Braun Series 3?

As mentioned earlier, the Series 3 is Braun’s entry-level family of electric razors for men.

If you’re not particularly demanding when it comes to close shaves and you don’t want to spend a lot of money on an electric shaver, the Series 3 is one of the most attractive offerings.

Their prices are quite reasonable, especially the dry-only ProSkin model which represents a great compromise in my opinion.

The Series 3 shavers work best when used on short facial hair, but also work better than other similarly priced foil shavers from the competition when used on 2 or 3-day beards (especially the ProSkin models).

These are arguably the most comfortable electric razors even in this price range, so definitely consider them if you have sensitive skin.

The Braun Series 3 would be an excellent choice for a beginner or teenager. They are really easy to use, clean and cheap to maintain.

They are generally cheaper to buy and you can often find several Series 3 models for a bargain.

And as we found, as far as shaving performance goes, they’re basically the same. Braun Series 3 Replacement Head 32b Vs 32s


Overall, the new Series 3 is a welcome revamp of an already excellent line of shavers; While this doesn’t bring any major improvements, it will likely help Braun maintain its top position in the entry-level electric razor market.

Braun Series 3 Replacement Head 32b Vs 32s